ruining the picnic

it was only a matter of time, i s’pose, once the sculpties were released and the grid filled with apples and oranges and bananas, that someone would try to ruin our picnic. no worries, we have plenty of yummies.

so! what new cool toys do were have here?

first you need an ant. my friend Bret gave me this one – he says you can have it too. set-up some nifty lighting with soft shadows and whatnot.

next you need the uber sculptie exporter for maya. this version has a few bonus features over the last: it will generate surface lighting textures for you, AND it will generate a primscript file, so that all these pieces and textures come together automatically. use it to export the entire scene.

then you’ll need some qLab scripts. put primscript into a prim called ant maker. put prim, texture, transform, and shape into a prim called qDynaPrim. put all those generated textures into qDynaPrim, too. put qDynaPrim into ant maker.

now, within earshot of the ant maker, invoke this spell:

/500 primscript -script 32fad6a2-630e-aaf0-2659-817ea00b1052

(the funny hex code here is the uuid of the notecard containing your primscript. you can use yours, or use mine above.)

and whatever you do, make sure you bake those surface textures. ants without surface textures look plain BAD.

swing by my laboratory to see the ant for yourself – and to get in-world versions of all these goodies.

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