and a linden is slain

well, linden lab cut me loose today. they’ve been hinting at it ever since the layoffs last month. try as i might i wasn’t able to change their minds. honestly, i’m completely baffled at the decision, as are all my coworkers (and my boss, and…)

i mean, it wasn’t because i do a bad job. by all accounts, i do a FANTASTIC job. i do the work of a hundred men, i work miracles, etc.

and it’s not that i’m super expensive – my salary was slightly below average for my position in san francisco. and when i switched from employee to contractor, i cost the lab even less.

and it can’t be because i’m a contractor and not an employee. that cannot be the reason, because (a) i never wanted to switch to a contractor but i was forced to when the lab screwed up, and (b) when i did switch and was worried the switch might endanger me in any future layoffs – my exec assured me i’d be judged by performance and not status.

so it’s a mystery.

and damn, i gotta say, that sucks. because i really do love second life. SL is the coolest thing on the planet – the world we’ve all built is literally incredible – beyond belief.

but maybe things happen for a reason – and maybe i can do more good for SL on the outside than the inside.

let’s see.

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  1. Even given the recent list of Really Quite Bizarre Decisions, this seems an unusual bizarre decision, and I am very sorry to hear it. Of course I’m sure you won’t be short of work, but that isn’t the point.

    You have certainly done much excellent and inspiring work in and for SL, and that is just what is visible from the outside.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear about this. I wish you the very best of luck. You were always a Linden to admire.

    I love SL too and something is just not right lately. This news is just disturbing to me.

  3. Looks like no mesh import in SL. I wonder if this is due to pressure on LL from “certain” vendors. Well looks like my plot of land will be going up for sale soon!

  4. Sad news indeed , LL should be hanging on to experienced staff ,thanks for fixing loads of stuff while you were there and good luck in your next career step.

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  6. Hi Qarl, so sorry to hear about it. I was hoping that Linden Lab management has managed to regain a little bit of sanity since M & T left, but sadly this does not appears to be the case. I have never seen leadership of a company working so hard to run it into the ground as that bunch of incompetent people that call themselves LL “executive managers” does.

    At the time where confidence in Linden Lab is nearing 0, when the company has managed to piss of their most hard core customer base, they decide to fire one of the most respected, beloved, and talented members of the team?

    In any case Qarl, it was a pleasure having you as a Linden, and I hope I will see you around the grids regardless of the last name. And I wish you to find a most awesome new adventure (that also pays well)!

  7. We’ve never met, Qarl.

    That said, I know of the wonderful things you’ve done for our community.

    I’ve been trying to shake my doubts, and Phillip’s return to the helm gave me some guarded optimism.

    But now, this.

    Yes, maybe bigger and more wonderful things await you. I sincerely hope they do.

    Sometime, when you’re inworld, I would like to meet you.

    Be well, Qarl.

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  9. Quarl, I second Marx’ comment. I never met you, and you certainly don’t know me, but over the years as a SL user I’ve heard about the great projects you were working on, whether or not they made it into the ‘product’. Sculpties and llDetectedTouchST come to mind, and I’m sure I don’t even know what else. And even though I don’t have any warm feelings towards LL, I am baffled, and saddened, to see you laid off. It just feels wrong, and it shatters my belief that the good people will be good. Who knows, maybe it’s really for the best, but for now, I’m just sad. My wish and hope is that you’ll stay in touch with Second Life and maybe even contribute to OpenSim. That would be the most wonderful thing that could come out of it. But of course, I know we all need to make money somehow, so I wish you all the best and good luck at finding a better job, whatever it will be.

  10. My initial reaction to this blog:

    “WHAT teh fuck”

    This is as if the gardener decided to prune all the flowers off the rose bushes that was Second Life.

    I think you can tell that people respect you not because of your status as a Linden. That had nothing to do about it. Your work and your general awesomeness is what brought people to your office hours every week.

    And what did we do when you weren’t there? We would sit and say “Where’s Qarl? Maybe he’s still coming!” for an entire hour.

    Because you kick ass.

    So damn the man, and lets get to work on “Third Life” or “Life 2″ or “La Vita Dos” or something! j/k I know, we don’t want to get sued.

    One last thing: You said you wouldn’t, so I’m going to hold you to it. Don’t leave SL, please.

    Thanks for all your hard work,
    or Reed Steamroller
    or Reed Seal Foss
    or whatever

  11. Qarl, you changed the world of Second Life for the better for countless pioneering content creators. Plus, you made it simply look a heck of a lot better for everyone. You truly rock, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you do next.

    It was an honor to work at Linden Lab while you were there. Take care, my friend.

    – Pathfinder

  12. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Not Qarl! You have changed the lives of so many content creators and residents of Second Life in subtle but revolutionary ways.

    I just can’t believe how management could be so ruthless and blind to leave a highly talented and creative individual like you behind.


    – Nexii

  13. Dear Qarl,

    You do indeed work miracles. The decision to let you go is baffling all of us, the sad news comes as a shock.
    I wish you strength in this difficult time, and I hope you will keep showing your passion for SL, as an example for all of us.

  14. Sad so sad. You’ve done wonderful work and we’ll miss you Qarl. Thank you for being so responsive when I asked for help…

    Traci Y

  15. Qarl, I know you’re not the only Linden that was told they were doing an excellent job but got laid off anyway. Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow, though. I wish I knew what they were thinking over there – seems like the left hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing.

    Please know that thousands of content creators are forever in your debt because of your brilliant work. You deserved far better treatment at the hands of the company that profited from it.

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  17. Qarl I’m another that never had the chance to meet you but your reputation has always preceded you.

    I am so torn as to what direction Linden Lab is headed…
    why they seem to have no sense of direction…
    why they seem to be unable to determine fact from fantasy..
    why separating wheat from chaff is beyond their capability.

    I never met you no….but as was said above:

    “Please know that thousands of content creators are forever in your debt because of your brilliant work. You deserved far better treatment at the hands of the company that profited from it.”

    You know you will be OK…just please don’t leave us…I will hope to meet you one day in world.

  18. Qarl, this news saddens me to no end. You have done so much for us and now you are gone. I wish there was something I could say to make things better but please don’t abandon us in SL. Now more than ever we need you. You were one of the few Lindens who seemed to listen. I hope all goes well for you and you find a new place to roost soon.

    I to have never met you but if sometime you’re in world I would like the chance.

    P.S. Maybe I shouldn’t have left that post yesterday on megaprims asking nicely ;-)

    Good luck!

  19. Qarl, just wanted to wish you all the best, and i hope somehow LL will relise what an incredibly stupid thing they have done.


  20. Qarl, you were my very favorite Linden. We only ever spoke in person just a handful of times, but you never ceased to impress me as an artist, a developer, and a just one hell of a rock solid human being. The innovations you brought to SL were what kept the platform alive for the past few years. This is a sad day indeed.

    As others have already stated, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. You’re way too talented to let a layoff slow you down. But still, I know what it feels like to be in the spot you’re in now. I feel for you, my friend.

    Xenius Revere and I are in the process of organizing a grid-wide Burn Your Sculpties Day, in your honor. Many of us who make our livings creating the very content that you have enabled us to make feel we owe you our careers. We’d really love to see LL’s reaction to half the world set ablaze.

    Sceenshots will be posted at if you want to watch the chaos.

  21. Qarl, you want to stay in the game, get with the folks at and see if they’d like to have you on as a dev. Linden Lab isn’t the only VR company in the game any more. IMO, Inworldz is a good next logical step. They are booming… and seriously in need of dev assistance.

  22. I am shaking my head in disbelief right now, shocked to see Linden Lab have done this foolish thing. You were Linden Lab’s greatest asset, the best of the bunch, and it is sad to see you go.

    I hope Linden Lab realise how foolish it was of them to let you go, but I hope even more that you find something better to work your magic on. You deserve better than this awful excuse for a company.

    Thank you for all you’ve done for us residents. I wish you the best.

  23. I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I am sad to see you in this predicament. It shows a lack of forethought and shows how little LL pays attention.

    You have done so much to expand and grow SL to what it is, it would have been nothing without you, and so logic dictates that it will be nothing now.

    I am nervous for the first time in my SLife, what on earth are LL thinking?

    I hope you find your feet soon, I’m sure you’ll find a new job that treats you better.

  24. I’m stonkered. This move certainly raises all sorts of questions beginning with “what the fuck”?

    How could this move possible advance the stated mission of LL?

    The implication it carries is that things are financially much worse inside the Lab than anybody in the know is willing to admit publicly.

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  26. my personal opinion is that philip doesn’t like it when people actually do anything. if you look at his time at the lab before the first time he left, he came up with a lot of ideas and made promises that either never got implemented, or got 1/2 implemented only because people like Qarl took the initiative.

    Now he’s back and wants to get “back to basics” which I now assume means killing off any projects that users call for, and diddling for 12 months on obscure things that will have no impact. Philip, for no rational reason whatsoever has been against meshes since people started asking for them over 5 years ago, and although they’ve been proven doable without detrimental impact, perhaps his titanic ego won’t let him let go of his original argument. I see so many fanbois on so many forums gushing over his return, and have to wonder if maybe they weren’t around when philip was in charge before, and somehow got indoctrinated into his cult, or if they are just painfully stupid and myopic.

    I hope that Qarl can still have an impact on the future of virtual worlds because he’s one of the very few do-ers out there, and that’s what’s needed most. I know some people who may be interested in your abilities

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  28. The man who ignited a grid of artists, and paved the way to professional 3D for thousands of us. In a way, you were our mentor, giving us the tools when we were ready for them, getting ready to help us step up to mesh.

    I take my hat off to you, and hope to see you inworld… I owe my introduction to 3D to you.

  29. This decision makes me SO angry. You’ve given so much to Linden Lab and Second Life as a whole. You’re an awesome developer and quite an innovator. If I wasn’t already mad enough about LL firing so many great workers, this is just the icing on the shitcake. I’ve literally lost all respect for LL’s upper management and how they run the business. These are awful mistakes on their own part, I can’t believe WHY they’d shoot themselves in the head like this. I’ve been a strong believer in SL since early 2006, and I’ve held tight to that belief, but slowly and surely I’m letting my grip slip. SL is not what it used to be, and LL has angered me to the point of no return. They’ve just completely crossed the line. Several of my old friends agree just the same – they’re really hurting their userbase and business with these decisions. They NEED people like you to keep it afloat and moving forward. The train is off the tracks and going full speed in the wrong direction, and it seems they have blinders on. I’ve lost all hope and respect for the lab’s management, and to think I almost worked there.

  30. Qarl you brought will be deeply missed. Sculpties opened the door for countless creative minds to reach into SL and weave some magic. You made that happen. Thank you so much.

  31. Qarl,

    Bloody ignoramuses at LL, aren’t they?

    Is there any way they could fuck things up even more? I mean aside from a late night party which results in somebody setting off an IED in the server control room or something.

    My question to them would honestly be: what have THEY done at the top to contribute in the last few years?

    Nothing. Not a bloody fucking thing is the answer. They’ve let the best and hardest working people go, by and large, and they have done absofuckinglutely *nothing* but play on their fucking iPhones on Sansome street. We’re talking about a culture of absolutely useless leeches here.

    It’s too bad that LL was composed mostly of hard working people near the bottom, and unimaginative smegheads at the top. I guess that’s how the real world almost always worked, but the point is that they were trying to make a better one and, so far, it doesn’t seem like they’re living up to their own promised dreams.

    Philip and the others, if you ever read this: what the FUCK are you thinking? Put your fucking bongs down, put down your fucking iPhones, and come talk to a few of us who actually work our asses off on stuff that some of your good ex-lindens made come true. They’re all gone now, by the way – thanks for rewarding them so graciously.

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  33. Qarl-

    I don’t believe we’ve met, but we’ve friends in common, and I’ve always admired your work, and it breaks my heart to hear that your inspiration and contributions to SL are over.

    LL must be expecting serious hard times ahead or such a radical change in direction that they’ve stuffed so many of the core ‘heart and soul’ into life rafts and cut them loose.

    Sometimes, things are just too good to last. I wish you all the best in whatever projects you dive into next, and hope that I’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your creations in the future. =)

    Jopsy Pendragon, the founder of The Particle Laboratory learning center in region Teal.

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  37. I just wanted to say thanks Qarl, and to wish you the best of luck.

    Without your achievements at second life I wouldn’t be on this journey of learning and creativity.

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  39. Thanks Qarl for your work at LL. I really enjoy creating and expressing myself with the digital tools and enviroments currently available to me, and its nice to meet and see people pushing this to a new and higher level.

  40. Commented a bit back and suggested Qarl check in with (I still suggest that). But I wanted to comment overall here, on the entire issue.

    From what I understand, Qarl invented sculpties on SL. Good for Qarl. There’s no questioning those are awesome little things– when they work. They often don’t work. They often take forever to form, don’t form at all, and botch from a distance unless someone knows the “secret setting” on a HIDDEN menu. In short, sculpties are generally a mess.

    But was that Qarl’s doing or Linden Lab management hobbling Qarl and other coders? That is a question I’ve long wondered. There is no doubt Second Life is a lousy mess of coding. I have always wondered how much of that is due to coder incompetence– or if it’s due to spoiled-brat-mentality SL managers always coming up with some new hairball toy and not allowing coders to do their debugging job. I am suspecting the later. I can’t imagine self-respecting coders allowing the years-long megabugs that have continued on Second Life.

    I think the most telling thing here is Qarls statement that he doesn’t have a clue why he was fired. That certainly rings a bell of truth; most of us– the paying customers– don’t have a clue why Linden Lab does what it does either (as many have reflected above).

    Why– instead of working on a seriously unstable foundation– are they working on a totally new and very bad third-party Viewer 2? Why didn’t they just UI-fix the viewer we had? That’s all we wanted.

    Why are they totally re-writing XstreetSL rather than just fixing the search engine and leaving a very functional and operational marketing system as is? (If it ain’t broke… DON’T FIX IT!).

    We don’t know why Linden Lab fired Qarl. Qarl doesn’t seem to have any issues with them. It’s apparently not a disagreement as existed with Cory. Qarl’s story has that ring of truth: “I was happy, running along just fine, and suddenly PINK SLIP!” That’s my experience with Linden Lab overall– regularly blindsided by unexplained management decisions… with us, the customers, paying the price for such.

    We don’t know what LL is thinking… because they have a closed-door policy when it comes to customers. For 7 years they have had virtually zero competition. They should have nothing to hide. Therefore I have to consider that policy means what is going on behind those closed doors isn’t all that on the level– that Linden Lab continually hides misdeeds and secret agendas. The consequences: upset customers and firing the employees with brains. Who knows… maybe they knew Qarl wouldn’t stand for the nonsense they have in mind next. At this point it’s anyone’s guess. The fact that Qarl is clueless about any kind of “reason” for being fired should be sending customers a strong message– and from the comments above, it is: Linden Lab cannot be trusted. (Frankly people, it never could be. I haven’t written my LL-expose blogs over the years just for jollies.)

    In short, why has Linden Lab done anything it’s done over the last several years? HUDs are nice. SCULPTIES are nice. Know what would be even nicer? Functional CHAT. Group notices actually getting delivered to group members. A bug-free SL. That’s what would be nice.

    Myself, I don’t believe a word that comes from Philip LInden’s mouth… nor do many other people that I know. Customers are not to blame for that; I tend to trust people until they prove that trust unwarranted. When a company is secretive and close and LIES to their customers on a regular basis… I have no reason to trust what they say NOW. Philip’s flowery speech and promises to work on core structure? Pffftt… Seriously people… when has LL ever been honest and up-front with its customers?

    Qarl says he doesn’t know why he’s been fired from SL, that it surprises him, that he loved SL and is upset at Linden Lab decisions. Qarl… we surely do sympathize. Join the club.

  41. Your wake (Office Hour) was very well attended tonight, a lot of people are sad to see you go, stay well and best of luck in all your endeavours. You will be missed.

  42. I won’t lie when I say I am happy to see justice has been served. If they all only knew, but then again none of them would care anyway. There is always two sides to a story and this blog entry presents only one side, in a very one-sided way. Thanks for allowing kids to rip my meshes from my top-selling game and upload them in Second Life, then sell them and make money from them. That made perfect sense that they should profit off my work and they even had the sense to use the textures from that mesh too! Grats! Hopefully you’ll post this, as this kind of practice in SL happened often thanks to “sculpties” and it never was punished. You must be a god in Brazil.

  43. Good lord, CB_War. I know it may be news to you, but Philip Rosedale is the guy you should be upset about. Why haven’t you hired your big guns lolyer and sued him? Trust me, lots of us would be grateful.

    But no, you’re just some random troll on the intarwebs who just wants a little attention on a talented developer’s blog. If you were half the success you say you are, you’d be trying to hire Qarl, not trolling his website.

  44. Hi Qarl.

    I’ve been on the same position in the past and its worse than if we were lousy workers, then there would be a reason for it, instead of this bitter feeling of unfairness…

    I’m really sorry for you and for SL that will suffer not having you there anymore.

    Hope you will still be around and… maybe doing things now for pleasure?

  45. Hello Qarl.

    Very sorry to hear about this tragic event. The decisions of the lab as of late seem to be an enigma. I’m confident things will work out for the best. Talent of your caliber is difficult to come by so I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for it very soon.

    I have a question I was curious about. Do you happen to know the true number of bots in Second Life?

    Just as many other LL decisions are shrouded in secrecy, so to is this information. I was just curious if you had any ideas. Currently I’m trying to work with someone to have a survey bot that can retrieve this info but it has been a long and laborious process.

    I wouldn’t think this type of info would be private, everyone knows there are bots, we just don’t have accurate numbers yet. Any guess as to how many?

    -Little Lost Linden

  46. Qarl: “you know what’s the best part of being non-linden? I don’t have to deal with whackadoodles any more.”

    LOL. Luv it. That’s going in my “quote of the month”. :D

  47. Don’t let the Lindens get you down, the company I work for ( left in 2008 and could not have done it sooner. We did things like create the first AI bots, figure out how to run your own stand-alone server, and import/export 3D models from that world and only received cease and desist letters and legal threats in return.

    These days we make a game called Incognito Episodes and are working on it’s third installment, SL is nothing more than a multiplayer CAD editor now and at least it does that well.

    Best of luck to you and your ventures!

  48. I blame Qarl. He worked on sculpted prims and they became a reality. There should have been proper checks in place before that happened… if someone would have said “think for one freaking second.” I don’t blame him for the texture ripping, but people who ripped meshes from our games, also used our textures. Both of these things should have not happened. There should be some system to monitor that very thing. It’s going to be Second Life’s undoing too.

  49. CB_War Unless your meshes had the same limited topologies and pre-set UV Mappings as sculpts ( which would be rather stupid ) It would seem more that someone has created their own versions of your “meshes” in admiration. Ripping meshes and maps from 3d games doesn’t get you anything you can import into SL via sculpts. So that would eliminate sculpts as being the problem and custom UV maps as used in mesh based games are almost completely useless as textures for sculpted prims “as is”.

  50. people have been ripping textures from games and putting them in virtual worlds for well over a decade. I guess you’ve never heard about moove, go look there.

    Now I guess you’re probably butthurt about Unity and UDK too. How about all those game modders? Tend your own garden first?

    Those of us from the 3d communities are just as hurt (in fact more so because we are just hobbyists for the most part too) But it’s not Qarl’s fault. It’s the fault of the people who run Linden Lab who refuse to consider ways to restrict commerce to those who are willing to fork over real life identity and a small upfront fee (ala IMVU). If you are too much of a whackadoodle to get that CB_War, maybe you shouldn’t be in the biz you claim to be in.

    The fact is: Anyone can rip your game assets because they are delivered with the game. Debugging tools for DirectX and OpenGL made ripping your game assets easy long before sculpts ever arrived on the scene. Look into OTOY and other game streaming services, quit being butthurt.

  51. also, from my experience on 3d community sites – there is no failsafe way to stop copyrighted assets from being uploaded. All you can do is try to minimise it and reduce the problem. People are always going to try.

    And what TCMD said. Although there are ways to convert mesh to sculpt – it’s not a simple process of uploading a mesh. Sculpts actually prevented your meshes and textures from being uploaded as-is, as they can be in other virtual worlds such as moove and IMVU, and in game engines and mods.

    Much ado about nothing.

  52. I’m just finding out today as all this happened in the middle of a move IRL. I guess Turbo Squid is about to get popular as mesh imports get pushed through … wow.

    Qarl, you worked many miracles and for that I salute you! I hope you find a new endeavor quickly and finally get paid what you’re worth.

  53. hmm,

    honestly im not surprised after all, its a compagny .. but i think itd an abuse some time cause some Linden do an exelent work like you!! And just get layoff forr some stupid reason like taht .. The compagny prefers to save some mony before before we gave impeccable service..

    Well good work and..

    Thank you very much for the sculpty innovation!

    and I hope to see you again Inworld.


  54. Well Qarl, welcome to the rest of us wondering just what went wrong.

    I am sorry you had this bad experience, but knowing your work, I doubt you will be unemployed long. Perhaps Google is looking for someone to start up a new 3D Virtual World, a real Second Life killer this time around, you and Cory could hitch up a pretty good team from all those other lay-offs I’m sure. If you aren’t up for that, I know the people over at InWorldz ( are looking for some help :)

    If you ever figure out what’s going on over at the Lab, let everyone else know, especially those of us who have watched the Lab transform from a Company that cared about their Customers to whatever you want to describe it as today.

    Bob Bunderfeld

  55. You will be missed. Best of luck for whatever is what you are going to next – I am sure your work will bring the magic of technical evolution to another company that will deserve you. But you will be missed and Second Life for me just dropped 5 levels of karma because of a decision that could have been taken any other way. Just about any.

  56. In my country there is an old saying, 3 thousand years old actually, not easy to translate as original in ancient Greek is just 4 words saying all the meaning, here it goes:
    “Ουδέν κακό αμιγές καλού”
    Among all those things happening to a mans life, initially appearing pure bad, there is none that is indeed pure bad and does not carry / will not bring -at a later time- something good and positive. Or, Nothing bad happens to you that will not also cause you something to benefit from, something good

    Worry not :)

  57. I heard about this a while back, but just now found this blog entry. I saying I’m disappointed by LL’s decision on this would be a major understatement.
    My in world experience has forever been changed by Qarl being a Linden, and I didn’t have to meet him or talk to him to know the amazing things he did for Second Life. Sculpties are my “second” life, and the fact that the person responsible for them is now but a memory hurts. I think Qarl would have continued to bring value and more amazing things to Second Life, and now unfortunately for everyone, we will never get to see this happen.
    Qarl, I think you had many more fans than you even knew, and there are so many of us that are upset by this. I can’t even count the number of in world notices and group chats that have had this as the subject. If anything could be done to bring you back, there are tons of us that are on top of it and behind it 100%. Either way, you will continue to do great things where ever your feet land, and as someone stated above, it truly is our loss.

  58. Hi Qarl, I’m new to your blog.

    First off, let me say I’m so sorry to hear about what LL did to you. They’ve been making some very bad business decisions lately, and it seems this is a BIG one in a long string of them. They seem to be hell bent on driving SL straight into its grave, which is a shame, because of all the places I could spend time, Second Life is always my first choice.

    Secondly, I’d like to congratulate you on joining the Emerald team. I had heard your name in the past, but I didn’t know exactly what role you played in SL development until today. When my partner informed me, I nearly coughed up all my internal organs in alphabetical order.

    Because of some of Linden Lab’s recent business decisions, the name “Linden” has grown to give me a cold prickly feeling, but this certainly doesn’t reflect on you or the other hard-working people who have made Second Life what it is. I can honestly say with the warmest sincerity that I am so happy that you will be working for a team that gives you the appreciation you deserve.

    I apologize if I came off as an irritating little troll on the Emerald blog. My animosity was directed at LL the corporation and all their idiotic decisions; certainly not at you or any other single Linden.

    At any rate, I also believe things happen for a reason, and I have faith that your talent has not gone — and will not go — to waste. Thank you so much for making the decision to continue making Second Life awesome for Emerald users. We appreciate it more than most of us will ever get a chance to express.

    Warm regards,


  59. Hi Qarl!

    I feel a big repect to you and to your work. i think you are one of the best and the most important 3d developer in Second Life history.

    I’m totally disappointed by LL’s decision and i hope they bring back you to Linden Labs, and if not, they are doing really bad, and you don’t to worry because you will have always a lot of doors open waiting for you and for your inovations.

    Thanks for your work Qarl.


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