and a linden is slain

well, linden lab cut me loose today. they’ve been hinting at it ever since the layoffs last month. try as i might i wasn’t able to change their minds. honestly, i’m completely baffled at the decision, as are all my coworkers (and my boss, and…)

i mean, it wasn’t because i do a bad job. by all accounts, i do a FANTASTIC job. i do the work of a hundred men, i work miracles, etc.

and it’s not that i’m super expensive – my salary was slightly below average for my position in san francisco. and when i switched from employee to contractor, i cost the lab even less.

and it can’t be because i’m a contractor and not an employee. that cannot be the reason, because (a) i never wanted to switch to a contractor but i was forced to when the lab screwed up, and (b) when i did switch and was worried the switch might endanger me in any future layoffs – my exec assured me i’d be judged by performance and not status.

so it’s a mystery.

and damn, i gotta say, that sucks. because i really do love second life. SL is the coolest thing on the planet – the world we’ve all built is literally incredible – beyond belief.

but maybe things happen for a reason – and maybe i can do more good for SL on the outside than the inside.

let’s see.

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