crimes against humanity: tailoring

a lot of people have asked me what i think of the new TPV policy.

honestly – it’s hard to know what to think – because it’s hard to know what the heck the policy is. the only thing that is certain is that the rule as written doesn’t begin to describe what the rule as enforced will be. nor does it explain the endless list of exceptions to the rule.

in fact, the only thing i know for certain is that the rule applies to my deformer – and that if LL doesn’t like my work – they will reject it and NO ONE will be allowed to use it. this (of course) is a dramatic change from the situation when the project was launched.

the other thing that is very clear from listening to the announcement is that Oz is pleading with us to trust him – trust the new LL – to do the right thing.

somehow i’m still worried.

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