Charlar –

i’d like to explain to you why your statements were out of line.

one, of course, is your needlessly abrasive and combative tone.  (my name is Qarl, by the way.)  and two is the whole “looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

but perhaps the most disturbing thing is the fact that you seem completely oblivious to how useful this tool is.  which tells me two things – you don’t actually use the tools in SL (have you ever tried to build off axis? are you aware of the multitude of rounding bugs?) and you don’t listen to your customers.

but all of these, i think, are symptoms of a larger problem.

i think you lindens (with notable exceptions) are outrageously arrogant.  have you seen the research which shows an avatar’s size will influence the personality of the user behind it?  i wonder if having an avatar with godlike powers (and godlike worshipers) has gotten to you.

in fact, thinking about it – nearly every blunder the lab has committed over years the can be seen as a direct result of arrogance, dismissiveness, and general disrespect for your customers.

or maybe i’m just oversimplifying because i’m angry.

regardless – i won’t be making the changes you requested.  but of course the code is open, so perhaps someone else will do that work for you.



EDIT: i’ve gotten a few questions about whether i mean this literally, or whether i’m just being antagonistic. i mean this literally.

here is an essay Pathfinder wrote on the issue back in may:


and here is an amazing talk about the power of avatars on human psychology:


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