how to make a million dollars

if you compare the feature-set of linden lab’s second life grid and the various open source grids – only one serious difference emerges: the economy.

linden lab provides a robust, secure, easily accessible means for transferring small amounts of money between its users – and the effects of this fabulous tool are evident EVERYWHERE in second life.

the opensim grids are hard pressed to compete in this regard – their decentralized nature makes it almost impossible to develop a similar system – make it secure – and implement fraud-safe ways of converting virtual dollars to real dollars.

but the almost impossible has been done.


bitcoin is quite revolutionary. at least as important, i’d say, as the invention of email or the world-wide-web. it is essentially digital gold that requires absolutely no central agency to trade, over which no central agency has control.

world-shattering implications aside – it is the PERFECT solution for creating an economy on the opensim grids. the viewer acts as your wallet, and exchanges bitcoins with the seller’s wallet. done.

so how do you make that million dollars? well, you go and implement the bitcoin wallet in a third party viewer and the proper hooks for opensim.

or, you can do like i did and go buy some bitcoins. $1000 bitcoins two years ago are worth $1,000,000 today.

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