As and Os

here at “the lab” developers are responsible for picking their own
direction. each week we write a company-wide email discussing what
we’ve done in the previous week – and what we hope to accomplish in
the next week. our accomplishments and objectives. As&Os.

lately in the press i’ve seen the LL developers bashed for not getting things
done. in an effort to shed some light on developer activity, i’m providing
my As&Os for the month.

in this (my first) month i accomplished:

  • corrected rendering normals for scaled geometry. a sphere flattened to a disk now looks like a disk.
  • fixed verhicles crossing into no object entry parcels.
  • fixed a multitude of bugs relating to the teen grid. a multitude await me.
  • added gestures (gesticulations) to voice chat.
  • added llSetLinkTexture() and llSetLinkPrimitiveParams() to LSL library.
  • added server-side and client-side checks for ExtraParameterData.
  • added port settings to preference for the poor saps caught behind a NAT.
  • fixed a dozen minor bugs.

objectives for the next month:

  • start adding features which “raise the bar” for rendering quality in the
    second life viewer. first-up is application of a neat trick i learned while
    working on the matrix movies.

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