spelunking the metaverse

my friend Seifert Surface has been hassling me to write a design document for my new sim. i’ve been meaning to write about it here too – so i’m killing two birds with one stone. without further ado –

sim name: Q

desired location: in the second life developers archipelago (SLDA) and/or oceana, near “the future”.


a smallish island (quarter sim) surrounded by water.

the island supports a large structure in the air above it. the structure is plant-like – a central trunk supports a sphere-shaped nodule. similar to the artwork for riven. the tree may in fact be mechanical in nature – pipes in place of roots and branches.

the radius of the spherical area will be 80m (160m across.) the interior will be filled with caves and tunnels – a quick calculation shows there will be from 10km to 20km of caves. the caves will be generated procedurally. the process will entail “evolving” the cave system to maximize desired properties – using a process very similar to described here.

i’ll use the caves as my home and home to my projects. these may include open source projects i develop on my blog, an art gallery, a tech warfare arena, rental spaces for my close friends, etc. i’m not entirely sure what i’ll put into the caves – i’ll have plenty of time to think about it while i explore them.

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