the animators amongst us probably noticed a serious deficiency in the keyframe code i released last week: while it allows the recording of keyframe data, it provided no means to animate between keyframes. this interpolation is known as “tweening” – and as of today, this problem has been remedied.

behold Chester, my faithful sea monster. he’s the beautiful creation of Forseti Svarog and Cory Edo. until today, he sat glumly in the corner of my lagoon, guarding against griefers. now he swims happily around the lagoon – the exercise is good for him.

how did i do it? i used the new keyframe script (available here) to create seven positions in a path around the lagoon. keyframe’s newest switch -tween allows him to slowly move between the positions. (script here.) -tween takes two parameters: the name of the keyframe followed by the number of seconds to animate. keyframe also accepts -stop to stop the motion.

woe to any griefers who dare wander into my lagoon.

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