Everyone knows there’s only one way to handle bullies: sit down with them calmly and rationally explain how they are hurting you. Try not to get them upset, as that will impair their reasoning.

For example: “It really upsets me when you hold me down and take turns sitting on my face. I’m a bit afraid you might accidentally kill me. Could you maybe try letting me up for air occasionally? Thanks for listening! :)”

Or: “When point your gun at me – would it be possible for you to take the bullets out first? Don’t tell me, of course. I’ll still beg and squirm, but there’s no chance of accidentally killing me. And that’d be a huge mess for everyone.”

Or: “When you surround me and beat me with sticks, is there any chance you can calm down for a second? I’m sorta afraid you’ll lose your temper and kill me. Sorry to be such a downer.”

Or: “When we play that game with the noose, could you not pull me up on my toes? I’m afraid I might slip and die. I don’t want to die.”

Remember, try not to upset anyone. When we get upset, we make mistakes!

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