social animals (like us) have an instinctual drive to preserve social order. like all our instincts (fear of fire, fear of strangers, etc.) it is largely a good thing. but when exploited and taken to extreme, it becomes a problem.

game theorists made an interesting discovering in the mid 80s. they found that the best, most effective strategy when dealing with others is tit-for-tat. if you’re too mean, no one will work with you. if you’re too nice, other will take advantage of you. when you reciprocate perfectly, you have the best outcome.

pacifism is perfectly great until it stops working. understand that pacifism would not have ended slavery. pacifism would not have ended fascism.

we can no longer be pacifists in today’s setting. we are being exploited. we are being driven to extreme. our norms are being ground into dust. turning the other cheek will end in disaster, as it would have in extreme situations in the past.

please, wake up america. time is quickly running out.

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