blimps, blimps, everywhere

when i was a kid – each year the sky of my home city filled with hot air balloons. hundreds and hundreds of hot air balloons. all chasing the lead balloon in a “race”. it was a magical event.

we chased the balloons, too, in our car. so did many others. when the lead balloon landed – we all converged into a single place and enjoyed the moment.

i’ve tried to recreate the experience in second life – and happily i’ve been somewhat successful.

“about once a day, my girl and I watch the passing of the blimps, and it’s one of the most beautiful things in SL, Qarl”

i didn’t expect the backlash.

“These blimps are not legal in SL you will be reported”

so for my first major project in second life, i’m both happy and sad.

you can visit the balloons, while they last, here.

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