why are you such a dick?

“Karl, you’re usually a nice guy. why are you being such a dick?”

because i love you.

i’m going to be blunt. there is something very very wrong with you. my best guess is that you’re in a cult. you’ve been brainwashed.

i am not kidding.

there is a shitstorm coming that is very similar to the shitstorms over slavery in the 1850s and fascism in the 1940s.

and you are on the wrong side.

you are doing the work of evil.

i am not kidding.

and it scares the shit out of me that you’re doing this.

i am a dick because i am trying to verbally slap you out of it. i will keep slapping you until you wake up or i die.

i love you. but the time for warm cozy love is over.

now it’s time for tough love.

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