good grief.

back when we had pikazo, we bought a bunch of ipads. i have them lying around the house.

i made the tragic mistake of trying to reinstall one of them today so that i could give it to my daughter. take heed – never try to use apple products this way. the ghost of Steve Jobs does not approve of such things.

a message popped up telling me that the device was activation-locked with an old employee’s account. it told me that we would need to contact him to continue using the device.

super annoyed, i called apple. they offered me a second choice – provide proof of purchase. if i could somehow track down how we paid for the device two years later, after the company was closed, then apple would let me use my device again.

i really have to wonder – since when does apple get to say when i can, and can’t, use my devices? i can certainly understand apple wanting to protect the old employee’s data.

but that’s not the issue here – apple is preventing me from using a device i legally own. i will need to do considerable work to jump through apple’s hoops – and it may not even be possible. and what’s to prevent apple from adding more hoops in the down the road?

is this really the future we want? we “own” things that we still need active permission to use?


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