qLab LSL library v0.0.2

new version of the qLab LSL library is now available.

the qLab LSL library is a simple command-line build environment
for unix-like operating systems. it provides library-like support
via #include/#define (via the c-preprocessor) and makefiles. it
contains libraries for command-line parsing (getopt()) and dynamic prim

changes for version 0.0.2 – Mon Jun 19 14:46:18 PDT 2006

  • qCommand now accepts URL encoded spaces/symbols/etc in string parameters
  • prim/shape/texture/transform commands now listen for link_messages
  • added “-setText” to prim command
  • check for “Instruction Manual” notecard before adding “-help” switch to a command
  • lslcc now puts header info into assembled scripts

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