when I was bored as a kid, i would turn on PBS to watch their painting shows. and their cooking shows. and their carpentry shows. I loved watching people making things. starting from nothing and ending with something. pure creation.

today i’m trying to recreate that magic. my skill is computer programming. computers make beautiful things. interesting things. funny things. and I think people who do not know how to program are mystified by this process. my hope is to shine a light into this otherwise dark space.

aach episode i invite a non-programmer to sit with me while i create a fully functioning program. from scratch. i try to keep the programs visually interesting so they are fun to watch. i try to program at two levels: first is the nuts and bolts of how you make a program, the second is to exhibit a high level concept from computer science.

and most importantly, i try to make you laugh.

i invite you to watch my first episode. fast forward if you absolutely must, but hang on to the end. there is magic in computer programming – and i want you to see it.

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