it's come to my attention that several of the patches in the qPatchLib are wildly inefficient due to my limited understanding of the quartz composer engine. alas i don't have the resources to fix them, so they are provided to you "as is".

5 january 2006

apple's new quartz and quartz composer are the neatest technology i've seen in quite a while. (nevermind their similarities with my own software, the waterworks.)

here i provide my own playground of video filters (packaged as screen savers) letting you view yourself in novel environments (or see your favorite movies, if you don't have a webcam.)

also available is the qPatchLib, a library of useful patches for quartz composer - including fire effects, reflective effects, etc. download current version 0.2.

4 june 2005

live your own dark comic.
release your inner monsters.
you're on fire, baby. no one can stop you.
realtime sketchings by our in-house charcoal artist.
metal goes liquid.
fall into a black hole.