CG Society (instructor) providing guidance to the next generation of virual world builders.


The Matrix 2 & 3 (visual effects) blowing-up Neo's spaceship and giving intelligence to mechanical squids.

Second Life (avatar) sculpting cubes and resolving disputes in the virtual world.

Cafe Gecko (owner), serving the tastiest coffee on the nudest beach in all of mexico. bebidas crepas and chess, 7am to 3pm daily.

Washington University (adjunct faculty) teaching graphics, genetic algorithms, discrete mathematics, and computational art.

Lume Inc (founder) creating software for photo-realistic 3d effects.

Riven: the Sequel to Myst (technical director) creating water, air, land, and light.


artist, physicist, philosopher

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saint louis, missouri
san francisco, california
venice, california
zipolite, mexico
spokane, washington