CS323A Syllabus

Fall 1998 - Focus on 3D Rendering

Karl Stiefvater
Office hours: Lopata 404b
3pm - 4pm Tuesday and Thursday

Lab 1: Introduction to 3D representation - the "scene"
camera, lighting, atmosphere, environment, objects
object representations - polygonal meshes, parametric surfaces
Lab 2: 3D manipulations
transformations - translation/rotation/scaling
matrix form, composition
inbetweening for animation
Lab 3: Texturing
image projection - planar/cylindrical/spherical
wrapping to parametric surfaces
bump mapping
Lab 4: Procedural texturing
general procedural techniques
2D and 3D noise functions
fractal and Fourier synthesis
Lab 5: Rendering surface materials
ray tracing
traditional illumination models - Phong/Blinn/Cook and Torrance
Fresnel coefficient
Lab 6: Grammar-based modeling
grammars for organic growth
other structures
Lab 7: Volume rendering
ray scattering
non-uniform particle density - ray marching
3D noise functions and turbulence applied to volumes
Lab 8: Human visual system
Lens glare
Contrast sensitivity
Low-lighting conditions
Lab 9: Non-photorealistic 3D Rendering
contour effects - sketches, cartoons
painterly effects
random-dot stereograms
Final Project:
Student defined project, an in-depth exploration of a graphics topic interesting to the student. Topics need not be restricted to material presented in class - for example, other good project topics include 2D graphics, genetic algorithms in graphics, artificial intelligence in graphics, etc.