Computational Art

Fall 2000

The aim of the course is to explore medias and techniques for producing art with the computer. In the first half of the semester students complete a series of short projects to acquaint themselves with the covered ideas and software. In the second half, each student devises a substantial artistic project of his own. Topics covered in the class may or may not include: raster graphics, two and three dimensional vector graphics, audio processing and synthesis; L-systems, fractals, genetic algorithms, artificial life; Penrose tilings, Conway's game of life, Eliza; Postscript, The Gimp, HTML, mental ray; output to video, projectors, printers, plotters, embroidery machines, cookies, 3D rapid fabricators; and more.

Final projects will be put on display in the Computer Science Department (in a yet to be determined location) and additionally submitted to the SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Art Gallery.

Prerequisite: CS241. Credit 3 units.